23 Sep, 2019

The Importance of Developing Study Skills in Middle School


During the middle school years, your child may feel able to coast by without developing good study skills. After all, they understand the material; why put any more effort into it? As long as your child's grades look good, you might not worry too much about study skills, either. Unfortunately, if your child waits until [...]

The Importance of Developing Study Skills in Middle School2019-09-23T10:11:41-05:00
19 Jun, 2019

The Key to Student Engagement: Giving Students a Choice


Every teacher has experienced the sinking feeling of looking around a classroom and realizing that the students are so bored that they are hardly listening. Indeed, student engagement is a difficult thing to accomplish. Some of the responsibility rests on the students themselves. But here at The Tenney School, we wonder if much of the [...]

The Key to Student Engagement: Giving Students a Choice2019-06-21T13:06:12-05:00
8 Mar, 2019

What the Traditional Classroom Gets Wrong and How to Address It


Education is a cornerstone of our society, and for as long as people have been living and working together, there has been some form of education to help them learn and grow. Over time, the needs of society change and our understanding of how people learn best advances. When this happens, we have to adjust [...]

What the Traditional Classroom Gets Wrong and How to Address It2019-03-08T08:27:08-05:00
26 Feb, 2019

Does Standardized Testing (STAAR) Help or Hurt Your Child?


Let's talk about standardized testing. This has been a hot topic in American education for years. Why the controversy? Standardized testing takes a good idea to an extreme that doesn't always result in good education. When the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) mandated standardized testing for all public school students, public educators were forced [...]

Does Standardized Testing (STAAR) Help or Hurt Your Child?2019-02-26T12:54:00-05:00
25 Jan, 2019

Encouraging Students to Ask (Better) Questions in Class


In many traditional classrooms, students simply aren't encouraged to ask questions in class. They may spend the entire class period listening to the teacher lecture without ever really engaging--or, if they're confused, they may not even know where to begin with the questions they have to ask. Much of the question-asking process depends, not on [...]

Encouraging Students to Ask (Better) Questions in Class2019-01-25T14:20:57-05:00
18 Jan, 2019

Motivating Students: What Works, What Doesn’t


Keeping students motivated is an incredibly important part of being an effective teacher. Students' potential to learn is almost endless as long as they can stay motivated to continue working hard—especially in the face of difficult problems. Grades are the classic way to motivate students. Traditionally, good grades have been held out as a kind [...]

Motivating Students: What Works, What Doesn’t2019-01-18T09:22:59-05:00
31 Dec, 2018

How to Distinguish a Bully From a Mean Kid


It seems like every day we hear frightening new data on the rise of bullying, and it doesn't take much more than a casual scroll through our social media feeds to find horrific stories of bullying and the awful impacts it has on the children who have endured this abuse. Especially with the rise of [...]

How to Distinguish a Bully From a Mean Kid2018-12-31T10:07:59-05:00
21 Dec, 2018

The Problem with Competition-Based Learning


In many instances, teachers want students to compete: for great grades; on projects; to be the "best" in the classroom. Many of the schools often considered to be the "best" drive students to higher levels of academic success through competition-based learning. Students are trying to do better, achieve better, top their classmates. As a result, [...]

The Problem with Competition-Based Learning2018-12-21T07:36:51-05:00
19 Dec, 2018

What Teachers Want Parents to Know


A few weeks ago we asked our teachers to let us know the things they would like their student's parents to know.  The responses we received back covered many different angles, but they were so good we thought we should share it.  This is a Tenney teacher list, but we think this list would resonate [...]

What Teachers Want Parents to Know2018-12-19T13:10:29-05:00
15 Oct, 2018

Should Teachers Be Giving Zeros?


A big red zero in the grade book typically means only one thing: a student has failed to turn in an assignment. Giving zeros for classwork that wasn't turned in on time is the typical response of most teachers to a student who has failed to complete the necessary work. Zeros, however, can present a [...]

Should Teachers Be Giving Zeros?2018-10-12T14:36:27-05:00