6 Benefits for Students Attending a Small Private School

6 Benefits for Students Attending a Small Private School

Have you been wondering if a smaller or private school would be a better experience for your child? This is a decision almost every parent asks themselves at one point or another. You wonder if your child would do better in smaller classrooms, with more teacher attention, or just not having to navigate through several hundred peers each day to get to class.

While some children do amazingly well in large public schools, many would actually perform better, be happier, and much more comfortable in a school where they can learn everyone’s name and never get jostled in the hallways. But it’s not just the lower student density that makes a smaller private school worth-while. It’s also the quality of education and attention each student receives during their lessons and even after school. Today we’re here to look at 6 of the primary benefits for students attending a small private school.

Enough Teacher to Go Around

Public schools are notorious for packing more children into a classroom than one teacher can handle. Classrooms of 30-40 are not uncommon, sometimes even when there are not enough desks for everyone. And as for teacher time, there is simply no way to provide personal instruction to every child in classes that large.

In a small private school, however, class size is much more carefully controlled. Rather than overpacking classrooms, each class has exactly as many students as the teachers can effectively teach, if not fewer giving more one-on-one time for each student.

One on One Tutoring and Guidance

Speaking of one-on-one time, many children need at least a few minutes a week of help understanding the more difficult concepts in their lessons. In a private school, not only are classrooms more friendly to one-on-one instruction, but there are also more opportunities for individual tutoring and guidance. Whether your child would benefit more from regular sessions or the occasional help with a tough week’s topic, a private school is more prepared to help with individual learning needs.

Students can Pursue Unique Projects

Private schools are also well known for allowing students to branch out in a way they never could in a crowded public school. Class projects can get truly creative and your child will have greater access to high-quality learning resources in a small private school. In this situation, children are more able to pursue their interests and even start building knowledge and skills for their future careers because they have the freedom to explore.

Special Programs Don’t Fill Up

Most schools have a few special programs that students will have a lot of fun joining. Robotics and programming, economics, gifted and talented, art and sculpture. There are dozens of possibilities but in a public school, these special programs have a great deal of competition to join and tend to fill up fast. However, when your child is in a small private school, the special programs are usually available for any student interested in joining. This can create diverse learning opportunities and one-of-a-kind school experiences your child might otherwise miss out on.

No Student Can ‘Slip Through the Cracks’

One of the biggest risks of public schools is that some kids are allowed to ‘slip through the cracks’. Perhaps they are quiet, sit at the back of the class, or teachers somehow never have time to help them. Perhaps their grades slip and perhaps they simply float through school without any specific guidance toward skill-building and a career path.

But this kind of tragic lack of attention is impossible in a private school. When each class is small and personal, teachers can keep in touch with the progress of every single student.

A Circle of Friends You Can Keep Track Of

Finally, one serious benefit of private school for parents is the chance to actually know all the friends your child makes. And all your child’s friends’ parents. In a smaller school, the academic community is more close-knit and because there are not thousands of children in each school, it’s easier to keep track of who your child is friends with and what they get up to after school.

A small private school could be the best thing you can do for your child’s development and education. Even if they are doing well in public school, a private school has greater opportunities for special projects and classes, more skill-training, and a more productive learning environment for every student that attends. For more information about what a small private school can do for you and your child, contact us today!