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12 Aug, 2019

Understanding Twice-Exceptional Students


Students who are classified as gifted and talented are often thought to be learners who exceed in all areas of study. In reality, it's quite possible for one of these students to have one or more learning disabilities. A child may have a vocabulary bigger than any one of their classmates, yet struggle with simple [...]

Understanding Twice-Exceptional Students2019-08-09T14:06:57-05:00
9 Aug, 2019

2019-2020 Welcome: Sport Court Sneak Peek


The new school year is just around the corner.  We're excited to welcome our students back to school at Oreintation next week Friday August 16th.  We're also excited to give a sneak peek of our latest Tenney School enhancement, our new sport court.  It turned out better than we hoped. Clink here to see the [...]

2019-2020 Welcome: Sport Court Sneak Peek2019-08-14T11:18:50-05:00
2 Aug, 2019

Back to School Season: Is Your Child Enrolled in the Right School?


Back to school season is just around the corner. You may already have started school supply shopping, picking up notebooks, pencils, and crayons. As you're setting up for the back to school season, however, there are more important decisions to make than what color your child's backpack should be. First, look for these signs that [...]

Back to School Season: Is Your Child Enrolled in the Right School?2019-08-02T08:50:48-05:00