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16Sep, 2017

Gifted and Talented vs Advanced Placement: Know the Difference to Prevent GT Burnout

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There are many schools of thought among parents, teachers, and administrations as to what to do with children identified as "Gifted and Talented". What this means and how to provide for the greater potential of [...]

11Sep, 2017

Being Late to Class: It’s Not Cool!

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In many schools, being late to class is seen as something of a token of coolness. Kids who are late are "edgy," or they're seen as being "too cool for school." They clearly have larger concerns on [...]

4Sep, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath: Ways to Encourage the Children, as Families Struggle

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It only took a few hours for Hurricane Harvey to dismantle the city of Houston last week. Unfortunately, they will be dealing with the aftermath of this monster storm for years to come. According to Business Insider, [...]

24Aug, 2017

4 Things That Happen When Your Child Starts Going to a Small School

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Having your son or daughter attend a smaller, private school comes with an endless array of benefits both academically and socially. While many parents of children who are gifted, serious athletes, or having learning disabilities will [...]

22Aug, 2017

Protecting Your Child’s Learning Environment

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Every child has their share of school challenges and learning curves. However, not all of these issues are necessarily bad. Without healthy periods of confrontation and growth, children lack specific knowledge and skills as they [...]

16Aug, 2017

How Customized Curriculums Create Long-Term Learning

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The value of a school isn't measured in the expense of the building, the equipment it uses, or even the friendliness of its teachers. When it comes to choosing the right school for learning, the [...]

12Aug, 2017

Necessary Steps to Get Your Teen Ready for School

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Aw, the glorious days of summer. Staying up late and sleeping in until noon. A teenagers dream. But going back to school does not have to be a nightmare. By easing your teen back into a routine [...]