20Apr, 2017

Reasons to Consider Sending Your Child to Private School

If you have a child who is nearing school age, then you will have to begin considering where you would like to send your child to school. The problem many parents face is that there […]

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18Apr, 2017

VLOG #6: College Admissions Secrets

In this video we discuss the perspective of college admissions from a College Admissions Officers perspective.  In this VLOG we are joined by a former College Admissions Officer, Danny Kahalley.  Danny describes how all colleges […]

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17Apr, 2017

Middle School: Help Your Child Find Opportunity Through Challenges

Middle school is a time of incredible growth and development, growing independence and myriad opportunities to test out new identity and values. It is a challenging time, too, with many changes, social, physical and emotional […]

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11Apr, 2017

How Many Friends Does One Child Really Need?

One of the key obstacles many parents face when they enroll their child in a small school is the worry that their child will have difficulty making friends. Social growth is an important part of […]

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7Apr, 2017

VLOG #5: Can Homework Be Good?

In VLOG #5 we discuss how homework can be a good thing.  We look as some specific data showing how homework can help build student achievement.  We also look at the specific situations where homework […]

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6Apr, 2017

Congratulations Ms. Joyce

The Tenney School would like to congratulate our very own art teacher, Erin Joyce, on her recent acceptance into the Master of Fine Art program at the University of Houston.  Ms. Joyce plans to specialize […]

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3Apr, 2017

Balancing Technology and School: Is Technology Addiction a Problem?

Today’s society relies on technology in order to run smoothly. Computers, tablets, and smart phones are a huge part of many children’s everyday lives. They aren’t just using them at home; they’re also a huge […]

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28Mar, 2017

How to Accommodate Your Child’s Learning Style

Maureen McKay is author of Optimistic Outcomes: What Every Parent Wants and Every Child Needs, a book which offers advice to parents and educators about reaching children of varying learning styles. She’s also a mother […]

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