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19Jul, 2017

The Key Education Issues Facing Adopted Students

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Every parent wants their child to experience academic success. Some children, however, have more challenges than others--and the educational concerns of adopted children deserve a little special attention. Adopted children often come into their studies [...]

13Jul, 2017

5 Common Struggles of Gifted and Talented Students

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Gifted and talented students are often the envy of their peers and naturally succeed in an academic setting. However, these gifts are not without their pitfalls. Exceptional students need emotional and social support to make [...]

10Jul, 2017

Customized Curriculum: How Personalized Learning Can Benefit Your Child

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No two people are the same, so why do schools continue to teach as if all students are the same? The problem is that many schools, particularly public schools, are handed a specific academic plan for the [...]

1Jul, 2017

Teaching as a “Robot-Proof” Profession

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In recent years, much has been made over the fact that automation has caused a great deal of job loss, including the loss of the middle class in America. Many skilled labor jobs are slowly being replaced [...]

28Jun, 2017

Creating the Ideal Learning Environment for Gifted and Talented Students

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Every student learns best when given the proper learning environment; a healthy learning environment ensures that they are given plenty of creative exposure, proper learning tools, and sensitivity toward each of their learning styles. However, [...]

20Jun, 2017

Creating an Ideal Environment for Summer Learning

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Summer vacation is finally here, but that doesn't mean the end of learning. On the contrary, the summer is a wonderful time for your young student to explore his or her own interests and gather [...]

19Jun, 2017

The 6 Steps You Need to Take to Obtain Your F-1 Visa

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A record number of international students were enrolled in U.S. secondary schools and higher education institutions in the fall of 2016—more than 1 million according to the Open Doors Report. The largest group were from China (31.5%), followed [...]