Student Life

The Tenney School’s Student Life programs reflect our commitment to maximizing potential.  Our goal is to create activities and programs that provide a balance of each student’s overall educational experience.  Both of the programs that are currently in place were created based on student interest, and all activities are led by faculty members and student leaders.

Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is made up of students selected by their peers and school administrators to promote student priorities on campus.  The SAC meets during the school day to plan and take the lead on student field trips, during and after school student events, and writing the school newsletter.

Community Service Club

The Community Service Club (CSC) is an after school volunteer activity.  The CSC meets weekly to invest personal time in giving back to the community while learning and having fun.  These activities support our children’s growth both in and out of school.

Previous activities supported have included: AIDS Walk support, visits to the Treemont Retirement Home, and running of food, toys, and clothing drives.

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