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Accelerated Learning Solution, Tutoring School & One on One Learning in Houston, TX

The Tenney School Provides One-To-One Learning Programs

The academics are structured to provide each gifted and talented student the individualized attention they need to excel. Each student has their own private teacher for each core subject: math, English, science and social studies. Core subjects can be taught at the level appropriate for the student: standard, honors, modified or English Language Learner. Elective courses and labs are taught in a small classroom environment, complementing the one-to-one instructional time.

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Tenney News

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College Preparation

The Tenney School has a history of accelerated learning with a focus on individual tutoring & college preparation.

Our goal is to send all of our graduates to college.  In our one-to-one classrooms, teachers will begin to lay the foundation for students to be prepared.  In addition to annual achievement tests, students also sit for preliminary college entrance exams in the 10th and 11th-grade years.

Accelerated Learning

During the junior and senior years, students also are placed in an elective College Prep course.  In this course, students will search for colleges of interest, prepare for SAT and/or ACT test questions, and ensure they have college entrance accounts set-up to take entrance exams and apply to colleges.  Our college admissions are administrated through the Naviance College & Career Readiness Platform.

Accelerated Learning Solution, Public School Alternative, Academy School in Houston, TX

Gifted and Talented Students

Gifted and Talented (GT) students are known both for advanced academic ability and for an unconventional learning process.  Through one-to-one instruction, The Tenney School program addresses both of these qualities.

In our program, courses are modified to meet the needs of the accelerated student.  GT students can cover content at greater speed, increase the depth of curriculum coverage, and even accelerate content covered to accomplish coursework and earn credits well above their grade level.  With feedback from parents, a program can be tailored to meet the needs of each gifted student.

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