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Why Choose Us?

It’s as simple as 1+1.  We offer a one student to one teacher ratio. That means your child will receive tailored learning with personalized mentoring, one lesson at a time. We call this, the Power of One.

The world has changed significantly since we were kids. It’s now faster, stronger, and smarter than ever. Competition for excellence has never been greater. If you want your child to have a head start in life, come discover the Power of One.  Traditional classrooms provide a level playing field at best along with plenty of obstacles for hindering advanced achievement. And that’s really not good enough for parents who want their children to be better than average.

So, the question is what competitive edge do you want your child to have in today’s world? At The Tenney School, we offer the Power of One, a custom-made education that supports accelerated performance and knocks down any obstacles along the way.

Our one student to one teacher ratio is the shortest distance between your child’s education and excellence. And every day, we focus on one success story at a time. Come visit us at The Tenney School and discover the Power of One.


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The Tenney Difference:

The Tenney School is an Independent School That Fosters Each Student

The primary distinction of The Tenney School is the amount of individual attention provided each student. Through our one-to-one classrooms, teachers will know and understand the academic qualities of each student. The coursework will be tailored to match the needs and abilities of each student.

Welcome to The Tenney School

The Tenney Student:

The characteristics that describe Tenney School students are numerous and varied
Academic Improvement in Houston, TX
Academic Improvement

Students enroll at The Tenney School because they are looking to accelerate their learning or improve academic skills that have not developed in traditional classroom environments.

Accelerated Learning Environment in Houston, TX
Learning Environment

Many students enroll at The Tenney School because they are seeking a learning environment change from the typical massive facility and large classroom school.  The Tenney School learning environment is more forgiving and tailor-able to the student’s personality, attention profile, and social strengths.

International & Diverse Student Body in Houston, TX

International students find The Tenney School’s one-to-one program allows them to more quickly adjust to US curriculum and/or instruction in the English language.

Athletics and Music for Students in Houston, TX
Athletes and Performers

Some students have specialized extracurricular activities that are in conflict with the traditional school model. The Tenney School’s unique program allows them to keep up with their school work while continuing to participate in these activities.

The Tenney Results:

I thank the school & its staff for giving me back my son. For believing in him, for never giving up on him & for helping him to believe in himself.”
Class of 2013 Parent
I really like the small environment and the help and assistance every student gets to have.”
Class of 2019 Student
They teach us to do what we need to do without the help of our parents.”
Class of 2016 Student
Each class is tailored to the student. This allows the teacher to speed up when the students has a good understanding of a topic and slow down when more time is needed.”
Class of 2015 Parent
The Tenney School has unlocked my son’s learning potential through an individualized approach to education.”
Class of 2017 Parent

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