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The Tenney School promotes individualized learning through a "one student: one teacher" approach. Each student receives private instruction in English, science, social studies, and math. The Tenney School also understands and values the need for community interaction and provides opportunities for some standard classroom style instruction.

Our overall student-teacher ratio of two-to-one is an industry low and ensures that every student receives the attention they need to achieve their greatest academic potential.

The Tenney School works with students in grades 6 – 12.

Individual Student Attention

The students at the Tenney School get loads of individual attention. Each works with a private instructor in each of the core subjects: English, science, history, and math.
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Customized Instructional Approach

Instruction is tailored in each one-to-one course to place each student in their best position for success. Though we specify four different levels of cirriculum (Honors, Standard, Modified, and English Language Learner)...
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Maximized Academic Achievement

Over the years, the individual attention and customized instruction delivered at The Tenney School has demonstrated an ability to maximize each student's academic achievement.
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The Tenney School Difference

One-to-One Teaching
Why to choose us

The individual attention at The Tenney School is successful with many different types of students. Accelerated students learn at greater speed when the teacher can teach at their pace.
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